A Force to be Reckoned With: David Carter–Head of the “TCPA Defense Force”– Joins the Ramble to Explain How He Hopes to Disrupt the TCPA Status Quo

TCPA Defense Force

We’ve had the opportunity to interview many of the biggest names in TCPA defense since launching TCPAland.com back in May of this year. This week we sit down via the FIREline with a relative newcomer to TCPA defense– David Carter of Innovista Law, the founder of the innovative TCPA Defense Force.

The TCPA Defense Force caught our eye due to their very impressive website and slick promotional materials and educational content. This is pretty neat stuff they’re rolling out and we were pleased that David agreed to sit down and chat with us about what he’s out to accomplish.

David does not disappoint. He has new ideas and angles on TCPA defense that are worth hearing. In the podcast interview–found here–David explains his take on due process limitations on the TCPA’s statutory damages in class action cases. He also discusses the Kavanaugh confirmation proceeding and how the new-look Supreme Court might impact future FCC rulemaking and adjudicative proceedings. You’ll enjoy David’s fresh viewpoints and the interview is well worth a listen.

Before we get to the interview, however, the team and I break down the latest TCPA developments, including the “Unlikely Pair” of cases finding that contractual consent is revocable after all–  Rodriguez v. Premier Bankcard and Tillman v. Hertz Corporation.  Then we cover  Gonzalez v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, the latest ATDS decision holding that the prdictive dialer rulings are a dead stick after ACA Int’l. And finally we discuss the travails of Siprut, PC in Douglas v. Western Union Company, where the court granted final approval to a TCPA class action settlement requiring Western Union to pay $8.5 million to resolve the claims of 741,800 class members but axed Siprut’s fees in the process.

Enjoy the podcast and stay dry out there TCPAland.

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