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This is it!: The last Ramble Episode of the Year is Here With Two Guests and a Breakdown of the Reassigned Number Database (Don’t miss it!)

(You listening to the Ramble this December) This is it. Womble Bond Dickinson’s hilarious and informative TCPA podcast the Ramble–hosted by the great and powerful Czar of TCPAland–is off for winter break! The season’s final episode of the Ramble is available now (or really really soon)!–right here. (Fair warning I […]

This is How It Is in TCPAland: Class Counsel Moves to Strike Defendant’s Consent Defense for Seeking One Week Extension to Redact PII from Data Production

Lest anyone think TCPAland isn’t fraught with peril for unwary defendants, let me tell you a quick tale. Citibank is facing TCPA class litigation in the Northern District of California–yes the same Citibank that so recently defeated certification of a TCPA case in Illinois– and was recently compelled […]

Woah!: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the FCC’s Big New Reassigned Number Database (that Isn’t Really a Reassigned Number Database) Right Now

All right TCPAland, its official. The FCC has adopted and implemented its new rules regarding the creation of a *cough* reassigned number *cough* database. The rule is designed to cut down on wrong number robocalls and is available here.  Here is’s official top 10 take aways that […]