Best Ramble Episode Yet: TRACED Analysis, Christmas Tree Banter and Quin Street Legal Head’s Take on Lead Generation in a Jammed-Pack Ramble This Week

Only two episodes left of Season 1!

Get your fill of the Ramble before we take our long winter’s nap and prepare for Season 2 in January.

This is a funtastic penultimate episode--found here. We open with a break down of the TCPAland Christmas tree saga. Learn how we went from this:


To this:


And hopefully you all caught our “Just For Fun” segment on how we brought the tree to life. 

Once we cover the holiday exploits we move into the major TCPA news. We break down the TRACED Act and its likely impact on the TCPA should it pass. We also bring everything together with a quick breakdown of events transpiring over the last few months in one breathtaking super cut. 

Then we find time to hit:

  • Johnson v. Yahoo!, Inc., Notably, this is now the second court outside the Ninth Circuit to expressly refuse to follow Marks on the basis there’s no ambiguity in the statutory definition of ATDS.
  • And the decision in Zemel v. CSC Holdings has one of the greatest TCPA decision one-liners ever. We also break down why you can’t sue someone for offering you HELP.
  • Plus, in a shocking development a District Court orders plaintiff to show cause why TCPA class action shouldn’t be stayed based on challenges to constitutionality in Gallion v. Charter Commc’ns, Inc. after the U.S. AG’S OFFICE AGREES THE CASE SHOULD BE STAYED! Wow!

But the real reason to listen–as always–is our great guest!


This week we’re joined by the Head of Legal and Compliance for QuinStreet, Marty Collins, joins the Ramble to discuss how to obtain valid consents and much more.

Indeed, there is no hotter topic in TCPAland right now than how to obtain valid consents in the lead aggregation space. And there may be no hotter performance marketing company out there than Quin Street. So what a great honor and privilege to have Quin Street’s Head of Legal and Compliance Marty Collins join us this week for the Ramble podcast.

Marty’s interview is chock full of beefy TCPA goodness. He breaks down why third-party validated consent is so critical in the current TCPA environment and discusses consent form best practices. It’s a great interview and one you’re sure to enjoy.

Remember folks just one more episode of the Ramble is in store for you this year. Then you’ll have to make due with left overs. So get it while its hot!

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