BREAKING: Quin Street Legal Head Joins Ramble Podcast To break Down Lead Aggregation Best Practices and Defense Tactics



There is no hotter topic in TCPAland right now than how to obtain valid consents in the lead aggregation space. And there may be no hotter performance marketing company out there than Quin Street. So what a great honor and privilege to have Quin Street’s Head of Legal and Compliance Marty Collins join us this week for the Ramble podcast.

Marty’s interview–available here next Tuesday--is chock full of beefy TCPA goodness. He breaks down why third-party validated consent is so critical in the current TCPA environment and discusses consent form best practices. It’s a great interview and one you’re sure to enjoy.

Notably the interview comes on the heels of my talk at DNC.com’s big TCPA Summit in St. Pete’s on Tuesday where one of the scariest questions I was asked was about online lead forms. Wow what an event! A gathering of TCPA wonks getting together to talk TCPA for an entire day–and with an extended open-bar cocktail session. It was just as much fun as it sounds.

Plus we rolled out our latest merch–T shirts:


And here’s a pic of me yapping. Yeah, now you really wish you were there:


There’s a video floating around out there of me presenting. If you find it I’ll send you a T-shirt. Probably.

It was a truly remarkable event and just a bunch of fun. For those of you that made it out to the event–it was great to meet with you. To those who couldn’t–next time!

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