BREAKING: YouMail CEO Confirms to WBD Ramble Podcast That “Robocall Index” Includes Wanted and Invited Calls (Plus Behind-the-Scenes Pictures)

You Mail’s CEO Alex Quilici joined the Womble Bond Dickinson Ramble podcast IN STUDIO today to discuss the methodology behind the company’s famous “robocall index.”  Although the robocall index is widely cited as an authoritative count of robocalls in this country, as Mr Quilici explains, the index is actually an extrapolation of robocall volume based upon a set of data collected by the call-blocking app maker based upon its own customer’ experiences. In his revealing interview, Mr. Quilici confirms that the “robocall” index includes desired calls–including payment alerts and reminder messages–that are not commonly blocked by consumers. He also distanced himself and YouMail from third parties that rely on the “robocall index” to advance their own agendas.

It is a great interview that is crucial to understanding what the “robocall index” is actually tracking. It will be available next Tuesday, August 21, 2018 here.

For now, enjoy these fun behind-the-scenes pictures from the interview:

Alex 1

Alex speaking with Queenie and the Archduke in the background.

queenie 4

Alex looks worried as I ask him some tough questions. Queenie and the team take notes.


The mood lightens up as Alex has a quick wit. The Archduke is most pleased. Erin and the Empress are delighted as well.

Grand Duchess

The Baron and the Grand Duchess listen intently as Alex speaks.

other angle

The exchange definitely gets intense at times.


And Alex has us riveted by his impressive responses. This guy is sharp and it shows.


And we part as friends with a handshake and an agreement to get together again soon.

Group 1

The whole team enjoyed having Alex in studio.

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