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Robocall Robocall Robocall!: YouMail’s Intrepid CEO Alex Quilici Joins WBD Ramble Podcast As We Discover what the “Robocall Index” Actually Tracks

Well here it is, the podcast you’ve been waiting for. YouMail’s “Robocall Index” is cited by everyone–and I mean everyone–as the source of data related to the purported uptick in “robocalls” since 2015. Here’s a short list of what “everyone” looks like (in no particular order): Business Insider USA Today […]

The Czar to Appear In Person: WBD Partner Eric J. Troutman to Speak on TCPA at MBA’s Big Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington D.C. Next Month

Well, its official. The Czar of TCPAland—Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Eric J. Troutman— will be speaking about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) at the MBA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference on September 16, 2018 in Washington D.C. The Czar will be sharing the stage with “Kingmaker” Jeremy Gladstone—Capital One’s […]

“Flu Shots Available”: Court Finds that These Three Little Words Are Within the Scope of Consent Provided to Receive Texts Related to Prescription Status Updates

In Bailey v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc., 2018 WL 3866701 (D.N.J. Aug. 14, 2018), Plaintiff Jaclyn Bailey filed a putative class action alleging that CVS violated the TCPA by sending text messages to its customers notifying them that their prescription was ready to be picked up, which also included […]

BREAKING: YouMail CEO Confirms to WBD Ramble Podcast That “Robocall Index” Includes Wanted and Invited Calls (Plus Behind-the-Scenes Pictures)

You Mail’s CEO Alex Quilici joined the Womble Bond Dickinson Ramble podcast IN STUDIO today to discuss the methodology behind the company’s famous “robocall index.”  Although the robocall index is widely cited as an authoritative count of robocalls in this country, as Mr Quilici explains, the index is […]

Keyes to Success: Court in Eastern District of Michigan Excludes Plaintiff’s Expert Report, Then Grants Summary Judgment on TCPA Claim Holding That ACA Int’l Vacated All Prior FCC Rulings on ATDS Functionality

It’s hard to keep track of developments on ATDS functionality these days, as week-by-week we’ve had courts across the country coming out on different sides of this raging debate. This week is no different, and we have a nice ruling out today by Judge Gershwin A. Drain of […]