Cooling a Hot Streak: Ramble Podcast Team Interviews Mike Greenwald in the Hopes of Breaking His Insufferable String of TCPA Victories


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Mike Greenwald and Greenwald Davidson have been making a heck of a lot of noise in TCPAland recently. Not only are they the law firm behind the recent Bad Reyes ruling, they also convinced the Eleventh Circuit that TCPA claims are apparently not subject to arbitration and just convinced the Sixth Circuit that Spokeo basically doesn’t apply to the FDCPA anymore. Plus they submitted a recent comment to the FCC in a bid to expand the TCPA further. Nice work, I guess



Since Mike seems to be pulling down first-in-the-nation results like he’s picking apples recently I thought I’d bring him on the Ramble podcast to humble him a bit by reminiscing about the time I earned a first-in-the-nation result at his expense. Awww, good times. And maybe, just maybe, appearing on the Ramble will cool off his hot hand. (Then again, Shay did win Pinkus within days of appearing on the Ramble and Jay did end up getting his record-breaking fee award approved within days of appearing on the Ramble so maybe we’re a good luck charm. Uh oh.)

In any event, as one of TCPAland’s most formidable consumer-side class action attorneys you’ll love hearing Mike’s take on ACA Int’l, ascertainability and the recent predictive dialer rulings.

Although Mike famously earned the first post-ACA Int’l decision in the country holding that the 2003 and 2008 Predictive Dialer Rulings are still viable, he was modest and realistic with respect to the state of the law:

“It seems to be all over the place.”

-Mike Greenwald on the state of ATDS decisions

Nonetheless, his firm continues to roar away with TCPA filings:

“We’re 100% gung ho bringing these cases… our bread and butter will remain the TCPA.”

-Mike Greenwald on whether TCPA uncertainty will change the direction of his firm

Interesting stuff.

Listen to the podcast (found here) to learn:

-How did Mike end up doing TCPA cases in the first place and did he really earn a $2.3MM settlement in his very first TCPA class action?

-Why does Greenwald Davidson focus on wrong number TCPA class actions?

-What are Mike’s thoughts on his big Gamble win?

-What are Mike’s thoughts on the changing landscape of ascertainability, including the recent City Select decision in the Third Circuit?

-What does Mike think of the impact of his big Spokeo win in Macy v GC Services Limited Partnership, 2018 WL 3614580 (6th Cir. July 30, 2018)?

-What was Greenwald Davidson trying to accomplish with its comment to the FCC?

-What is Mike’s take on the debate over the “called party” definition?

-And–in the just for fun portion of the interview–why is Mike a huge fan of professional wrestling?

Plus you have to listen to Mike squirm and grimace–you can hear it through the FIREline– as we discuss my big victory over his firm back in Masters v. Wells Fargo. 

And then there’s this:

“I only get my news from TCPAland.com…”

Mike Greenwald on the Ramble podcast

Smart move Mike. That probably explains all those recent wins.

Oh yeah, and then he challenges me to a ping pong competition. What a jam-packed interview. Hilarious stuff.

And even before you get to the interview you’ll be treated to the Ramble team breaking down all of the recent TCPA action–including an update on ATDS cases and Good Reyes decisions as well as a discussion of why serial TCPA filers keep getting away with it. And the podcast ends with a frank and earnest discussion about the Baron’s favorite professional wrestlers and the difference between beer pong and ping pong.

This is arguably our best podcast yet. Have fun!


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