High Hopes: Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Set Their Sights on Cannabis Industry in Two New TCPA Class Actions

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Photo by Michael Fischer on Pexels.com

The cannabis industry seems to be attracting a lot attention these days.

Eaze Solutions, Inc. – the so-called “Uber of Weed” – was hit with a second class action today alleging it sent unsolicited text messages advertising its weed-delivery app to tens of thousands of people without consent.  (Notably the real Uber has also had its fair share of TCPA problems.) The second lawsuit was dropped just a few months after the first lawsuit was filed back in May, and came in the midst of Eaze’s efforts to compel the first lawsuit into arbitration.  Notably, both lawsuits were filed by the same San Francisco firm – Hedin Hall LLP – in the Northern District of California.

Not to be outdone, a New York business called Natura Miracles, Inc. was also sued today down in Florida in another nationwide telemarketing class action. The allegations there are similar – that Natura sent text messages advertising its CBD oil (a cannabis-derived product) without consent.  Plaintiffs in that case are represented by Hiraldo P.A.

We can’t say this trend is surprising. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s likely we’re going see a lot more of these cases as new businesses trying to advertise their services in an increasingly competitive market make themselves into tempting targets for plaintiffs’ lawyers.

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