Its Happening!: FCRAland.com Launch Date Announced

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By all measures TCPAland.com has been a huge success. The site has been viewed tens of thousands of times in its brief 3 months of existence and the Womble Bond Dickinson Ramble has already enjoyed thousands of listens. We receive comments daily from folks expressing appreciation– and occasional wonder–at how we’re able to keep up with developments so swiftly and deftly.  The answer, of course, is because we love this stuff.

Without question there is a huge and diverse market for timely and immersive legal analysis of key TCPA developments, and Womble Bond Dickinson is pretty sure this is not just a TCPA-specific phenomenon.

Enter FCRAland.com. Like the TCPA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act has seen an explosion in litigated matters over recent years. Indeed, according to webrecon.com there have been more FCRA filings in 2018 then TCPA filings. And while uncertainty is driving TCPA filings lower–probably–FCRA filings continue to gain steam year over year. And as Morgan & Morgan’s Consumer Protection Kingpin Tav Gomez told the Ramble podcast  “the world is not prepared” for the huge potential for FCRA cases given the rise of “rocket” finance products. And unlike TCPA–which is only triggered via outreach campaigns–FCRA concerns grow out of numerous potential paths, including employment background checks, in addition to traditional furnisher liability suits. Thus FCRA is a massive risk driver for just about any institution and its about time the internet had a one-stop shop for FCRA news and views.

Womble Bond Dickinson has an immense well of FCRA know how and experience and will begin displaying that firepower with timely and cogent articles on FCRAland.com beginning on September 18, 2018.  Mark the date on your calendars–you’re going to want to be among the first to visit the carnival of FCRA wonders that awaits.

Yes, FCRAland will have an up-to-date counter of filings as well as all of the other FCRA-related trinkets of wisdom you’ve come to expect from TCPAland. We hope to duplicate the success of TCPAland in every key respect–indeed, a FCRA podcast is sure to follow.

And no, the Czar will not be ruling over two territories at once (although I will be watching from afar). A King/Queen of FCRAland will be appointed from among WBD’s deep bench of FCRA practitioners. You’ll just have to wait until September 18, 2018 to find out who that guy or gal turns out to be.

Buckle your seat belts, more fun is on the way.

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