Just Inhumane?: Political TCPA Drama Continues with Class Against Suit Against the Humane Society Filed Friday

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Its getting chippy out there folks.

As I reported last week, political TCPA suits are spiking and this week the Humane Society finds itself on the wrong side of a putative TCPA class action lawsuit.

The suit–brought by Plaintiff Matthew Righetti–contends that the Humane Society (that famously advocates for the decent treatment of animals) violated his privacy rights when it sent “at least one” text message to his cell phone referencing its preference that he vote “Yes on Prop 12.”  (California’s Prop 12 has something to do with the treatment of farm animals and I won’t go further than that since the bill’s sponsors and opponents do not agree as to what the effect of the bill will actually be and I am not choosing sides.) The suit can be found here– Righetti

Mr. Righetti alleges that the Humane Society knew it was texting a cell phone without consent and used an autodialer to blast him and others in the state with the same message.

The complaint includes a failsafe class of all individuals within the state that received a “yes on prop 12” message from the Humane Society without consent.

As always, it remains to be seen if this suit has merit or is just another frivolous TCPA attack suit.

Righetti is represented by Nathan & Associates, APC out of Newport, California.

The Humane Society has not yet entered an appearance.


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