Lohman on the Totem Pole: TCPAland’s Newest Consumer Lawyer Sensation Jeffrey Lohman Joins the Ramble to Discuss His Huge TCPA Filings Push

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Chances are good that a year ago you’d never heard of Jeff Lohman. I know I hadn’t.

But now, it seems. the guy is simply unavoidable. His office files dozens of TCPA cases a month (perhaps more) and many more wind up in confidential arbitration proceedings.  Who is this wonder kid–just a handful of years out of law school– making all that big TCPA racket?

Join us this week on the Ramble–found here–to find out and learn:

  • What’s Jeff’s background and how did he end up doing TCPA litigation?
  • Does he intentionally pursue claims in arbitration over federal court?
  • Why the huge push into TCPA recently?
  • How many lawyers and staff does he have working for him?
  • What’s his approach to litigating these cases?
  • What are his thoughts about ACA Int’lMarks, the Public Notice, etc.?
  • What is his strategy for litigating and resolving these cases?
  • Why is Dominguez such a thorn in his side?
  • Why does Jeff love to pursue “preview mode” cases?

This is a can’t miss interview for anyone dealing with Lohman’s office and–at this point–who isn’t?

Also hear Jeff tell the Czar that he “looks to your guidance…” on these cases.

Before we get to the interview the team and I break down the week’s big TCPA news:

  • The huge ramifications for platform providers following Hurley v. Messer, Case No. 3:16-9949, 2018 U.S. Dist. Lexis 171588 (D. W.V. Oct. 4, 2018);
  • The great post-Marks ATDS decision in Gary v.  Trueblue, Case No. 17-cv-10544, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 175021 (E.D. Mich. Oct. 11, 2018); and
  • The “Bad Reyes” Saga Continues With One-Way Intervention Challenge to Court’s Certification Ruling. Because the Court elected to rule on the Plaintiff’s certification motion (which was properly filed before the MSJ) after first ruling on Plaintiff’s summary judgment motion (which was properly filed after the certification ruling) the Court appears to have violated the decades-old rule against one-way intervention.
  • We also break down some of the key comments submitted ahead of the FCC’s TCPA Public Notice proceeding–including Noble’s fantastic comment.



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