Of Bells and Dandelions: Two of the Country’s Finest TCPA Defense Lawyers Join the Ramble from Troutman Sanders to Discuss Marks and All Else that is TCPA

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I never play favorites. Just ask the members of my team.

But if I had to choose a favorite rival law firm it would have to be Troutman Sanders.  No its not just because my great great great second or third cousins twice removed formed the firm back… whenever. Rather its because two of my best TCPA defense pals work for the firm– Chad Fuller and Virginia Bell Flynn.

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Chad “You-Can-Call-Me-Dandelion-But-Please-Don’t-Call-Me-A-TCPA-Defense-Lawyer” Fuller is an extremely talented and experienced TCPA defense litigator, but he prefers to wear the broader hat of Financial Services Litigator.  But truth be told he has gathered some of the finest healthcare-sector related TCPA rulings out there. Plus, he’s just hilarious.

As impressive as Chad is, however, he is commonly upstaged by his colleague and cunning-beyond-words litigator Virginia Bell Flynn. She’s all kinds of trouble folks–talented, clever and full of Southern-Belle charm– and very difficult to corral, so we are most pleased that she was able to join us this week to share her insightful thoughts on Marks and the future of the TCPA.  Just brilliant stuff from her.

These two are pros folks and you will not want to miss their insights (and the discussion about Vegas shenanigans) on this week’s Ramblefound here.

Before we get to the interview–which you really can’t miss–we break down the week’s big TCPA developments. Critically, the FCC has issued a new Public Notice re-opening the comment period on its pending TCPA declaratory ruling proceeding. We tell you everything you need to know.

We also discuss the big TCPA class settlement in Snyder v. Ocwen and try to put it in its proper historical perspective. 

Perhaps most importantly, however, I explain the dark side of Citi’s big win in Tomeo v. CitiGroup, Inc., No. 13-C-4046, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 166117 (N.D. Ill. Sept. 27, 2018).  If you’re dealing with a TCPA class action–or know someone who is–you cannot miss my only-on-the-Ramble insights. Your success or failure in opposing certification might hang in the balance.


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