Swinging for the Fences: Consumer-Side TCPA Comments Urge the FCC to Adopt the Ninth Circuit’s Definition of an ATDS and Expand the TCPA to Regulate Smartphone Use (TCPAland Comment Review Vol. III)

I just finished reading through most of the big consumer-side comments from notable Plaintiff’s lawyers, and consumer protection organizations.  News flash: they all agree that the FCC should adopt the Marks interpretation of an ATDS, and that smart phones should in some form or another be regulated by […]

Boldly Going: Its Crunch Time and Siruis Business as Individual Businesses Stick their Neck out for TCPA Change (TCPAland FCC Comment Review Vol. II)

As promised, here is Volume II following Eric’s Volume I, of our team’s analysis on the supplemental comments on the FCC’s TCPA Public Notice. Crunch San Diego, LLC No surprises here. Crunch San Diego, LLC was armed to the teeth and swings into action with its brief-like comment […]

TCPA Class Action Defense 101: TCPA Class Action Defense Experts Ken Sponsler and John Taylor Join the Ramble to Discuss the Right Way to Oppose Certification

Well we’re a day late on the Ramble this week but it will be worth the wait–I promise. In a special “deuces wild” episode–No. 22 after all–we bring you two guests via the FIREline– Ken Sponsler and John Taylor of Compliance Point.  These two are the knights in shining armor […]

No Way Intervention: Court holds that TCPA Defendant Waived One-Way Intervention Protections By Failing to Alert the Court to the Doctrine Earlier

  The Bad Reyes saga just keeps on getting worse for TCPA defendants. In a decision entered today, the Court has found that the Defendant waived its one-way intervention protections by doing nothing more than failing to alert the Court of its right to be free from pre-certification substantive rulings. […]