Plaintiff’s TCPA Joyride Comes to a Swift End: Court Tosses Putative Text Message Class Action After Finding Plaintiff Consented by Texting “Joyride” to Opt In

TCPALand is filled with people trying to game the system, especially when it comes to text message TCPA cases.  You’ve got the classic opt-out evader, as we just saw in the Edible Arrangements case.  But sometimes, the play involves the “opt-in invader” (see what I did there?). Enter […]

From the Archive: Don’t Misdial. . . The Strange Story of How Your Smartphone Became An Autodialer (and why that could end up costing you a lot of dough)

(First Published Aug. 6, 2015)You probably never worry about violating federal law when you dial a phone number on your smartphone. But then again you probably never worry about “dialing” numbers from your smartphone at all anymore. It seems that we are well past digit-by-digit phone number entry […]