TCPAland After Dark II: FCC’s Launch of a Ramblesque Telecom Podcast is Probably Just a Coincidence

Your favorite TCPA regulatory body–the Federal Communications Commission– has decided to walk in the footsteps of the Ramble and has launched its very own “lets-try-to make-telecom-law-more-accessible” podcast. Hey guys, that’s our schtick. The podcast is entitled “More than Seven Dirty Words”–a reference to that now-obscure George Carlin skit from the […]

Pride Goeth Before the Fall: DirecTV Effort to Leverage Wireless Market Leads Following AT&T Merger Leads to Unshakable TCPA Class Action

Business lines are always looking to expand their pool of leads through cross-marketing efforts, especially following a corporate merger.  But as a new decision out of the Northern District of California proves, it is sometimes best to not rush in with telemarketing campaigns, even if consumer contract terms […]