Yahoo!: Third Circuit Court of Appeal Holds Random or Sequential Number Generation Is Needed–Rejects Hansen/Snyder Expert Reports– in Ruling Yahoo’s IM Platform Not an ATDS under the TCPA

I won’t bury the lead here–in the Third Circuit a dialer that calls from a list of numbers “individually and manually inputted into its system by a user” is not an ATDS unless it has the present ability to randomly or sequentially generate numbers and dial them. Yahoo! […]

Supreme TCPA Crossover: Your Cell Phone Location Data is Safe From Government Intrusion—but Might that Also Mean that Robocalls Do Not Invade Privacy After All?

It’s amazing what’s controversial these days. One would think that something as intimate as a complete record of a person’s movements over the past five years would never be available to law enforcement without a warrant. Such complete on-demand surveillance seems entirely inconsistent with life in a free […]