T.V. Borrows the Internet’s TCPA Star: Czar Takes to the Airwaves to Press for Common Sense Changes to the TCPA

It’s not your imagination, the Czar has been making appearances in television segments across the country the last few weeks.

In stories reported in San Francisco and Boston and shared by sister stations in Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas, Womble Bond Dickinson’s star class litigator— and TCPA know-it-all—Eric J. Troutman has been advocating for clarity on the definition of “robocall” and reminding viewers that legitimate American businesses are not responsible for the scourge of scam robocalls facing this country. Through his efforts these media stories are slowly starting to focus on the true wrong doers—off-shore marketers and scam artists who are spoofing legitimate caller ids to make pre-recorded scam calls. By taking the target off the backs of legitimate American businesses, the Czar hopes to provide political cover to those on the FCC and within Congress that would like to see the TCPA reigned in.

The Boston piece can be found here: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/What-to-Do-About-Robocalls-493917471.html

The Bay Area piece can be found here: https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/So-Many-Scam-Calls-Is-a-Solution-in-Sight-494165521.html


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