The Czar to Appear In Person: WBD Partner Eric J. Troutman to Speak on TCPA at MBA’s Big Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington D.C. Next Month

Well, its official. The Czar of TCPAland—Womble Bond Dickinson Partner Eric J. Troutman— will be speaking about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) at the MBA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference on September 16, 2018 in Washington D.C. The Czar will be sharing the stage with “Kingmaker” Jeremy Gladstone—Capital One’s Director, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Advisory in the Capital One Legal Department and chief in-house TCPA subject matter expert.  Talk about a pair of TCPA aces!

Eric and Jeremy will be bringing attendees fully up to speed on the chaos sweeping TCPAland. From the state of the ATDS struggle (yet another new functionality case came out today that the Czar will report on shortly), to the resurgence Good Reyes, to the battle over mislabeling of “robocalls” and predictions on when/what the FCC is going to do in response to their Public Notice, the discussion is expected to be a must-attend event for all TCPA litigators and in-house stakeholders alike.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the state of the ATDS landscape post-ACA Int’l and is it finally safe to start making changes to dialer campaign strategies?
  • Can businesses now rely on TCPA consent provisions within consumer agreements with confidence?
  • And what about contractual provisions dictating the manner in which consent can be revoked—are such clauses enforceable?
  • What are the latest strategies and tactics for defending TCPA litigation?
  • What trends do the Czar and Kingmaker see ahead for tomorrow’s TCPA landscape?

After the event the Czar and Kingmaker will be available to answer questions, pose for photographs and sign any TCPA-related memorabilia you may have handy. If you haven’t already made your plans to attend, registration is tight but still available on MBA’s website found here.



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