The Fight of His Life: Gene Kalsky Joins the Ramble to Discuss the Devastating Impact of the $12.5M Personal Judgment Against Him Based on a Technical Violation of the TCPA’s Fax Rules


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We just wrapped Episode 18 of the Ramble, and had a very special interview with Gene Kalsky, CEO of Gen-Kal Pipe & Steel Corporation.  He’s the business owner discussed in the article from the Cape May Herald we republished on our site back in August who’d been hit with a crippling $12,500,000 personal judgment for violating the TCPA.  According to that article, the Plaintiff’s lawyers in the case are not only trying to collect the judgment against Mr. Kalsky’s business, but also trying to sell Mr. Kalsky’s home in a sheriff’s sale.

We talk a lot about the disproportionate nature of the statutory damages under the TCPA, and this interview really drives the point home.  It’s clear from the interview that Mr. Kalsky – the son of Polish immigrants – is a hard-working, self-made man who epitomizes the American dream.  He spoke to us on the Ramble about how he got into the situation he’s now facing, and the devastating impact this judgment has had both on his business, and on him personally.

Episode 18 of the Ramble will be out early next week.  I mean it when I say that this is an episode you’re not going to want to miss.

– The Baron

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