This is it!: The last Ramble Episode of the Year is Here With Two Guests and a Breakdown of the Reassigned Number Database (Don’t miss it!)

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(You listening to the Ramble this December)

This is it. Womble Bond Dickinson’s hilarious and informative TCPA podcast the Ramble–hosted by the great and powerful Czar of TCPAland–is off for winter break!

The season’s final episode of the Ramble is available now (or really really soon)!–right here. (Fair warning I am fighting off an end-of-the-year cold in this recording so I’m a bit raspy and a little subdued in this one–or maybe I’m just sad to say goodbye to everyone for the year.)

In this last episode the team and I take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the ghosts of Ramble past. We discuss all of our favorite moments–from Shay Dvoretzky telling us where he was the moment he found out that he’d won the big ACA Int’l decision, to Christine Reilly’s mansion party story, to Sergei Lemberg discussing making pickles and Mike Greenwald sending the Baron a Razor Ramon T-Shirt–we look back at the amazing first season of the Ramble. 

And of course the Ramble launched back in May with the wonderful Chair and CEO of Womble Bond Dickinson–Betty Templejoining us as our very first guest. We are all particularly grateful to Betty for her leadership and vision during our first year here at WBD, and for her steadfast belief in TCPAland.com and the Ramble podcast. We wouldn’t be here without you and TCPAland loves you Betty!

Moving on from the misty-eyed goodbyes we breakdown the FCC’s reassigned number database–that isn’t really a reassigned number database at all–before breaking down the huge fee award ($20MM!) delivered to class counsel in Krakeur, and discussing the latest in a series of multi-million dollar settlements here in TCPAland.

As always, however, the best reason to listen to the Ramble is for the guest interviews and–in a last-episode special–we have two interviews!


Peggy Daley

First, I interview Peggy Daley, managing director of the Berkeley Group, about all of the good detective work those folks perform on so-called TCPA “experts” and repeat playing TCPA plaintiffs. She also helps TCPAland understand the importance of information security protocols in a world where TCPA defendants are repeatedly ordered to produce “terabytes” of consumer data–often before certification for no good reason (in my opinion).


Tonia Klausner

Then the Baron interviews Tonia Klausner–another of TCPAland’s heavy hitting defense lawyers–Partner with the reputable Wilson Sonsini firm. What a treat it is to have Tonia join us for our final episode. She and the Baron break down many recent TCPA developments, including the ATDS landscape and the Supreme Court’s big grant of cert. review in PDRTonia is extremely knowledgeable and you’ll glean a ton of insight from her–I know we did.

So there you have it– one last wonderful episode of the Ramble to hold you over until late January. (We’ll have all the deets on the new season to you right after the new year–don’t worry!) For now, enjoy the holidays and best wishes in the New Year TCPAland. Remember to cozy up by a warm fire, sip cocoa out of a branded TCPAland mug in the warmth and comfort of your TCPAland branded t-shirts and binge-listen to Ramble episodes all winter long. We’re better company than that yule log.


(Us wishing you the happiest of holidays and best wishes in the new year!)

One quick final note– special thanks and praise are due to our technical crew that keep us up and running every week. First, Andrea Vizzo–our amazing producer– who knows that keeping TCPAland talent in line is a whole lot tougher than herding cats. But much love is also owed to Katie Briel, who helps with page development and content for the ramble as well as Dylan Rollins and Martin Schlessinger who edit, polish and shine each episode to make sure it sounds just right, and Heather Allison for the sweet TCPAland merch design. We obviously couldn’t do it without these folks so let’s give them a big TCPAland round of applause. Thank you so much!

Comfort and joy my friends. Comfort and joy.

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