UPDATE: Czar to Criss-Cross the Nation in Year-End Speaking Blitz—Don’t Miss it!

For those of you that missed it, the big ACA forum in Chicago was amazing this year. Very well attended and Queenie and I had the opportunity to address a great crowd of folks and answer dozens of questions following the TCPA keynote.


Perhaps more importantly, however, those attending the event were treated to TCPAland merch! Check out these cool mugs that attendees received:


Yeah, you know you want one of those.

Well as the Czarina reported earlier this month, my travels are far from over.

But there is one major change the TCPAland faithful should be aware of. We will NOT be recording a Ramble episode at the CMBA next week as teased. Instead the Baron will be moderating the CMBA’s TCPA panel with two very outstanding speakers. Attendees can expect some swag–will it be mugs? We’ll see.

I will still be speaking in St. Petersburg Florida at the huge TCPA Summit promoted by DNC.com, however. This will be an all-day event and we’ll be covering all of the new TCPA developments and ruminating over what may be coming next. It looks like the attendee list is really something so I’m excited to meet with all of you and answer as many questions as I can.

Looking forward into next year, we will be doing a live recording of the Ramble at Leads Con in Las Vegas, Nevada!  This is going to be insanely fun. The live recording will likely take place on March 4, 2019. More details to come.

And then the big one– CBA LIVE!. More to come on this, but I am tentatively booked to speak on April 2, 2019 in our nation’s beautiful capital. For those of you that have never attended CBA LIVE it is a very very impressive event and I am pleased to have been invited to speak on the TCPA.

We’ll keep you posted as matters develop on these appearances.

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