“I Don’t Think the World is Prepared…”: The Ever-Classy Tav Gomez–Head of Morgan & Morgan’s Consumer Protection Department–Joins for a Special Podcast Interview

Tav Gomez oversees a team of consumer-attorneys responsible for 8% of all TCPA filings in the country!

He bravely sits down with me via the Womble Bond Dickinson FIREline to discuss his views on the impact of ACA Int’l on the TCPA landscape, as well as his firm’s new push toward filing FCRA cases in bulk.

Listen to the interview to find out:

What does Morgan & Morgan’s case intake process look like?

What defense lawyers is Tav most afraid of?

Does Morgan & Morgan plan to slow down their TCPA filings?

What is Tav’s take on ACA Int’l and its impact on predictive dialers?

Why does Rocket Mortgage make Tav “so Happy?”

Why does Tav say the world is not prepared for his new FCRA push?