Secret Limitation?: Court Denies Summary Judgment to TCPA Defendant Who Couldn’t Prove Customer Had Full Authority to Provide Number

Happy Father’s Day TCPAland! TCPA defendants have enough to deal with without having to worry about secret limitations on their ability to call phone numbers supplied by customers. But, oh well! In Benedetti v. Charter Communications, No.1:16-CV-2083 RLM-DLP, 2018 WL 2970998 (S.D. Ind. June 13, 2018) a customer supplied […]

Consumer-Side TCPA Comments Reviewed: CFPB Respectful, Consumer Action Aggressive, Cunningham and Moskowitz Taciturn in their Comments to FCC

With the FCC’s comment deadline now behind us–it was June 13, 2018–we here at TCPAland have begun the process of reviewing the comments submitted to the FCC to share whatever nuggets of wisdom we can glean. The review process will take some time–there are quite a few comments–but […]

The Godfather of TCPA Class Actions: Abbas Kazerounian IN STUDIO with the Womble Bond Dickinson Ramble Podcast

Well here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Abbas Kazerounian (along with Josh Swigart) literally invented the TCPA class action nearly ten years ago. And no one has been more successful pursuing these cases over the last decade, earning Abbas the official title of “the Godfather of TCPAland.” Abbas was a fantastic […]

Mystery Solved!: So That’s What Happened to the FCC’s Order Implementing the BBA Amendment to the TCPA Exempting Collectors of Government-Backed Debt

Ok, confession time–I love TCPAland. Yes, that is probably the least surprising confession in the history of the world, but here’s why I love it so much–the TCPA is this simple little statute that is so dizzyingly complex to apply and frequently co-exists with esoteric legal doctrines of near-impossible obscurity.  Bizarre legal scenarios that […]