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Eric J. Troutman

Woah!: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the FCC’s Big New Reassigned Number Database (that Isn’t Really a Reassigned Number Database) Right Now

All right TCPAland, its official. The FCC has adopted and implemented its new rules regarding the creation of a *cough* reassigned number *cough* database. The rule is designed to cut down on wrong number robocalls and is available here.  Here is’s official top 10 take aways that […]

TCPA Safeharbor Star is Born: FCC Comissioner O’Rielly Explains His Thoughts on the FCC’s New Recycled Number Database, the TCPA and How the New Safeharbor Was Born

I can always count on the TCPAland faithful to keep me honest. To wit: an eagle-eyed reader sent me the following comment today: Eric – Yesterday you said “Notice that the FCC specifically and expressly refuses to opine how the use of the database might cut down on […]

Best Ramble Episode Yet: TRACED Analysis, Christmas Tree Banter and Quin Street Legal Head’s Take on Lead Generation in a Jammed-Pack Ramble This Week

Only two episodes left of Season 1! Get your fill of the Ramble before we take our long winter’s nap and prepare for Season 2 in January. This is a funtastic penultimate episode–found here. We open with a break down of the TCPAland Christmas tree saga. Learn how we went […]