Just for Fun: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Womble Bond Dickinson Ramble Podcast

I know you folks have been enjoying our podcast–but here’s you first look behind the scenes at the Womble Bond Dickinson West Coast Podcast Studio.


(Above) From right to left, we have the Empress, the Czarina, the Grand Duchess, Abbas Kazerounian–our in-studio guest– the soon-to-be-introduced Earl, the Czar, and the Baron.podcast13

(Above) The Empress and the Czarina watch Abbas with curiosity and intrigue.


(Above) The ladies (Grand Dutchess, Empress, and Czarina) watch along with the always-intense Earl of TCPAland.


(Above) The Baron and I look on intently as Abbas explains some nonsense.


(Above) Things get a little heated with Abbas.


Wait until you hear what Abbas has to say. We can hardly believe it.

The Ramble podcast interview with Abbas will drop next Tuesday. Don’t miss it!



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