Ladies Night on the Ramble: Czarina Hosts and Manatt’s “Fax Queen” Christine Reilly Joins the Ramble Podcast to Teach TCPAland How To (Mansion) Party


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Last week the Czar took some time off to road trip with the family to celebrate his 40th birthday–and all of TCPAland celebrated along with him.

With the Czar out, Czarina took the reins of the Ramble and deftly discussed the big Lord case as well as the huge Saunders decision recognizing that directly-dropped voicemails are covered by the TCPA. Also hear the Baron breakdown a very interesting Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal decision addressing another D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal decision overruling another non-appealed FCC order embedded in a later FCC order that was overruled. Sound familiar? And the team teases the big interview with YouMail’s CEO to take place in a few weeks.

Most importantly, however, Mannat’s stellar TCPA lawyer Christine Reilly—  chair of TCPA compliance and class action defense at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP–joined the Ramble to discuss her practice and the big ringless voicemail decision out this week. But the conversation soon turns to the topic of mansion parties and the seven deadly sins. And that’s when things get really interesting…


Listen to the podcast (found here) to learn:

How did Christine end up a TCPA pro in the first place?

What’s the back story with the huge Cambpell Ewald case that Christine handled and ended up in front of the US Supreme Court?

What does Christine and her team expect to see out of the FCC when it rules on the TCPA following its big Public Notice seeking comment?

What does Christine think about ringless voicemails and the new Saunders case?

How are technological flaws in some ringless voicemail products attracting regulator attention?

How is Christine and her team leveraging ACA Int’l in the TCPA litigation her team defends?

How did Christine obtain her nickname of “fax queen”?

Just how different were the Czar and Christine’s 40th birthday parties?

Just how does one throw a “seven deadly sins” mansion party?

Why does Christine say she needs to plead the fifth?

And just how does one get invited to one of Christine’s mansion parties?

What challenge does Christine throw down for Jay Edelson– “he either goes big or goes home”?

And then the team talks about the seven deadly sins and parties and what not. Way off the rails guys. Way off the rails. And what is with that awful sign off Baron? Until next time TCPAland.

Also, I’m still waiting for that photo you promised me Christine….



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