Lyft Joins Uber in TCPA Purgatory: Lyft Sued in TCPA Class Action for Texts Sent through Lyft Concierge

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Yesterday, a class action was filed against the ride-sharing company Lyft for text messages it sent through its “Concierge” program in an alleged attempt to gain more ridership.

Lyft Concierge is a program which allows business to hail rides for its customers, patients and employees.

According to the Complaint, the “Concierge” program obtains cellphone numbers from customers of third-party entities without the cellphone subscribers’ consent and therefore violated the TCPA when it sent text messages to the customer.

The alleged class is defined as:

All persons within the United States who between the inception of Lyft’s “Concierge” program on or around January 12, 2016, to the present, received one or more SMS or MMS text message(s) from Lyft, Inc., or an affiliate, subsidiary, or agent of Lyft, Inc.

The Complaint was filed in the Northern District of California, Case No.: 4:18-cv-06321.

Plaintiff is represented by Law Office of Marcelo Di Mauro.

We’ll keep an eye on this suit for you and keep you updated here in TCPAland.

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