TCPAland After Dark II: FCC’s Launch of a Ramblesque Telecom Podcast is Probably Just a Coincidence

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Your favorite TCPA regulatory body–the Federal Communications Commission– has decided to walk in the footsteps of the Ramble and has launched its very own “lets-try-to make-telecom-law-more-accessible” podcast.

Hey guys, that’s our schtick.

The podcast is entitled “More than Seven Dirty Words”–a reference to that now-obscure George Carlin skit from the 70’s with all the potty language that makes this link NSFW. That probably makes for a better title than “More than Just an In-Box For Your Robocall Complaints,” which I assume was a close second. “Something about Net Neutrality” was probably third.

The FCC has already posted two podcast episodes–one an introduction featuring Chairman Ajit Pai cracking jokes–and one highlighting the FCC’s response to the Hurricane Irma disaster down in Puerto Rico.

The “Introduction” episode is witty enough but the subject matter of “Episode 2” didn’t make for many laughs. We’ll keep an eye on the podcast to see if anything TCPA relevant is discussed.

It is worth noting that FCC officials turned down a Ramble podcast interview request just a few weeks ago. I hope we didn’t give them any ideas…


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