How Cool is That?: New TCPAland Feature Added– An Up-To-Date ATDS Decision Scorecard Page!

Rather than periodically posting ATDS scorecard updates or making you search through past posts to get information we here at TCPAland have added a new menu item to help you out.

At the top of the page below the “Home” and “WBD Ramble Podcast” links you will now see a “Post-ACA Int’l ATDS Scorecard” link that will take you to a dedicated page listing all key ATDS decisions addressing the 2003 and 2008 Predictive Dialer Rulings and other ATDS issues post ACA Int’l. Here’s a picture to help you find it:


New Feature

We’ll keep the ATDS Scorecard page updated daily as new ATDS cases come down so you’ll never have to wait for an update again.

This is all part of the “make-your-life-easier” service you’ve come to expect from TCPAland.com and from Womble Bond Dickinson lawyers more generally.

Enjoy and chat soon.

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