We’ve Got You Covered: TCPAland.com Announces Full Team Coverage and Analysis of Big Marks ATDS Decision

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Well yesterday was a big day in TCPAland and we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know on the big Marks vs. Crunch Gym ruling.

You’ve already seen the Baron’s brilliant breakdown of the decision, but that’s not all we have in store for you.

Later today I’ll answer the BIG question–what impact will Marks have on the FCC’s public notice proceeding? And next week expect articles from the team analyzing the further anticipated impact of Marks on courts outside of the Ninth Circuit, as well as an update on other pending decisions at the Circuit Court of Appeal level that might impact the ATDS landscape in the wake of Marks. Plus Abbas–the Godfather himself–has already agreed to join us on next week’s Ramble episode to discuss his big win in Marks. And, just a few short weeks later, we also have Ian Ballon lined up for an interview–the unfortunate fellow on the other side of the Marks decision.

Its all part of our ongoing commitment to looking at every angle of major TCPA developments to keep you fully informed–what else would you expect from TCPAland.com?  Enjoy.

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